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Mesotherapy Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar

Do you dream about beautiful hairs; hairs which glow, are thicker, whose volume will not let you hear, and whose locks will probably provide natural grace?

Measure at "Enhance-HairTech Clinics Bhubaneswar" to go through the regrowth of thinning hairs & strengthening of fineness of hairs using nonsurgical hair treatments in India.

The Response to your hair loss therapy query is"Mesotherapy treatment in bhubaneswar,India" by Enhance-Hairtech clinics

  • Mesotherapy treatment is a non-surgical alternate for baldness
  • Mesotherapy is a process of providing the entire scalp with boost of vitamin & improving blood flow for baldness
  • It soothes the bald spots, and activates the follicles to show favorable results for hair regrowth in both people
  • Mesotherapy treatment for baldness, is approached with injection of vial consisting of elements required for hair restoration or revitalization
  • As injection gun is utilized to inject the vial, so Mesotherapy treatment takes around 10 to 30 minutes depending on the subject of hair thinning or thinning hairs
  • Globally clients have examined it to become less painful and quicker procedure
  • Mesotherapy is useful for hair loss, as it negate the DHT hormone, and ensure baldness
  • 5 sessions of Mesotherapy treatment is required for maximum visible results.
  • Mesotherapy experts at Enhance-Hairtech practices,bhubaneswar" will schedule your sessions and ascertain the Amount of sessions required for baldness treatment
  • The chance of success of Mesotherapy treatment is regarded by hair experts to be 92 percent to 90% successful
  • Mesotherapy makes your hair follicle grow faster and survive in long run due to active blood circulation


Over the past few years, Enhance HairTech Clinics has emerged as a one-stop-shop for all hair related issues starting from the treatment of hair fall to surgical as well as non-surgical therapies and procedures.

Mesotherapy is an effective treatment, which is used to the treat hair loss problem of both men and women. The therapy is undoubtedly an alternate way to restore lost hair by injecting vitamins, proteins and other essential nutrients so to restore the hormonal balance into the mesoderm of the scalp. As a result, cell metabolism starts growing again and helps the hair follicles to create long, dense and strong hair.


Many of you may feel awkward due to hair loss and want to make it fix in an effective way.To avoid the embarrassment of hair loss and boosting your self-esteem, Mesotherapy is one of the Best Hair Fall Treatment of Enhance HairTech Clinics in Bhubaneswar. In this procedure, proteins, growth factors, and vitamins are administered into the scalp of the patient.

The process of Mesotherapy treatment involves the technique of injecting healthy nutrients into the mesoderm (a thick layer under the epidermis, which serves as a link between the tissues of the skin and the layer of fats) of the scalp. The maximum absorption of the nutrients by the hair follicles assures the scalp to have a proper blood circulation and hormone balance, which helps in boosting and regrowth of hair.

The treatment is almost a painless therapy and quite safe when done by experts or dermatologist. The treatment doesn't require any surgery or anesthesia. There is no requirement of dressing and after the treatment; a patient can easily continue his/her work. Hair is strengthened and revived quickly following this procedure. People suffering from active hair loss have found this treatment very helpful and satisfactory. Our clinic is very well-known for such kind of successful treatments.


  • What Is Mesotherapy?
    Mesotherapy is a process to treat the hair loss problem of both men and women. This therapy is an alternate way of restoring lost hair by injecting vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients to balance the hormone in the mesoderm of the scalp. As a result, cell metabolism starts growing again and helps hair follicles to become long, dense, and strong hair.
  • How Do Mesotherapy Treatments Work?
    Mesotherapy Treatment is the process of injecting healthy nutrients into the mesoderm of the scalp. This treatment can be done with the help of a special injection, full of liquid nutrients injects in every part of the bald area of the skin.
    As a result, proper blood circulation and hormone balance occur, which helps in hair growth. This therapy is painless and quite safe when done by experts or dermatologists so it doesn't require any surgery or anesthesia or any dressing after the treatment and a patient can easily go back to work after that.
  • What Are the Advantages of Mesotherapy Treatment?
    Advantages of Mesotherapy Treatment
    • Mesotherapy Hair Treatment is almost painless.
    • This treatment is non-surgical means doesn't require any type of surgery.
    • This process is less costly than the surgical method.
    • You can easily back to your regular work schedule instantly after this treatment.
    • The results of this Mesotherapy Treatment is quite impressive. A patient will quickly and easily get rid of baldness problem, partially as well as completely. Others may need to take a day off due to swelling and pain in the injecting area.
    • In Mesotherapy Treatment, essential nutrients and vitamins inject in the scalp which improves the blood flow and helps in hair regrowth in both men & women.
    • The recovery time of this treatment is comparatively short. Hardly, takes 4 to 5 days to get the result.
  • How long does The Mesotherapy Treatment Take?
    Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment hardly takes 10 to 15 sessions, which can be conducted within a time gap of 1 week or maybe 1 or 2 days, depending upon the condition and the area where hair loss occurred.
  • Is Mesotherapy Treatment Painful?
    No, this treatment is almost painless and quite safe when done by experts or dermatologist. The treatment doesn't require any type of surgery or anesthesia and also no requirement of dressing after the treatment. A patient can easily continue his/her regular work instantly after the treatment. In this procedure, Hair is strengthened and revived quickly. So this treatment is very helpful and satisfactory for people suffering from active hair loss. Enhance Hair Clinic is well-known for such kind of successful treatments.
  • What Are The Side Effects Of Mesotherapy Treatment?

    Mesotherapy Treatment is a quite safe and effective process and there are no side effects. But, sometimes patient according to their stamina may suffer from the following side effects:

    • Pain
    • Sensitivity
    • Bruising
    • Skin-Redness
    • Rash or scratches
    • Dark patches of skin
    • Itching
    • Swelling
  • How Long The Mesotherapy Treatment Benefit Last?
    Mainly it depends on the condition of a patient’s hair loss disease. Sometimes, the patient requires maintenance after 6 months or sometimes after 1 year. However, the treatment needs some post-procedure care and precautions too.
  • What Are The Precautions With This Mesotherapy Treatment?

    Precautions should take after Mesotherapy Treatment are

    • After doing Mesotherapy treatment, patients need to follow the healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet.
    • Regular exercise and workouts are also done must.
    • Consumption of junk food is strictly not allowed.
    • Sun exposure must be avoided for the next 48 hours after the treatment.
    • Don't wash your head or take a bath for at least 8 hours after the treatment.
    • Allergic reactions may occur after this treatment. So, it’s advised to notice each slight change and share it with your doctor as little carelessness will lead you into big trouble.
    • Must avoid alcohol intake.
    • Must apply Arnica gel at least three times per day for the next 48 hours. This will help you in solving a bruising problem.
  • Who Are Eligible For This Mesotherapy Treatment?
    A Patient with weak hair or bald skin on the scalp, fit with good health, and able to bear little bit pain related to injecting and pin pricking is eligible for this treatment. A person who is suffering from Androgenetic alopecia is also eligible for this Mesotherapy Treatment.
  • What is the price of the treatment in Bhubaneswar?
    One session of Mesotherapy may cost you between ? - ? depending on the area to be transplanted.