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Fue Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant (Follicular unit extraction Hair Transplant) Clinic in Bhubaneswar

Bring back your confidence with the life changing FUE Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Techniques can be broadly classified as FUE and FUThair implantation. Out of which, FUE is the most popular and successful Hair Transplantation Technique. Hair Transplant has come a long way since its existence into the market for real benefits.

Now, Hair Transplant is carried out on different body sites including eyebrow, eyelashes, head, and face. The Hair Transplantation Procedure is ambiguous and natural results that no one is able to distinguish, other than your head full of hair.

6 Goals of Follicular Unit Transplantation FUE:

If you are planning for FUE Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar, it's important to understand the goal of the surgery before making decisions. There are six major objectives for FUE hair restoration:

  • Permanent & Natural
  • Scarless
  • Less Painful
  • No Visible Scar
  • No Stitches
  • Eliminate female hair loss and male hair baldness

Follicular Unit Extraction known as'FUE' and is among the innovative procedure for restoring hairs. FUE is the most popular hair transplantation system; also guarantees completely natural appearances with actual hairs that are growing.

'FUE' is the most advanced technology in the world of'Hair Transplantation'; it's very safe and has hardly any clinics around the planet. Boost Enhance HairTech Clinics, is one of those pioneer of FUE procedure for transplant.

In'Follicular Unit Transplant' a strip of scalp is removed for hair harvesting; later, it's joint using a suture. Thus, FUT leaves behind a long and narrow scar mark.

However,'Follicular Unit Extraction' method isn't incisive; thus, there are no concerns of sutures and scar marks. The hair grafts, are pulled via suction, and instantly positioned into the recipient website.

  • The very first step of'FUE' process would be to demark the site, for use for donor site and recipient website.
  • If it is evaluated, the donor site won't yield sufficient grafts for the receiver area, then hair grafts from other parts of the body is considered. Another donor website in our body can be'beards, chest hairs, hairs from our limbs'.
  • To form the hair graftshair follicles have been expressed with fantastic accuracy from the donor website. The process is technologically advanced as it extracts one by one hair for every single graft.
  • Each graft will have more than 1 hair strand and 3 to 5 5 hair strands.
  • The process is based on rapid turnaround; thus, all of hair follicles extracted in donor site, is immediately implanted or transplanted from the recipient website. Thus, in 48 hours you can return to your normal way of life and regular. But, it is always advised to go for specialists!


  • What is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Excision)?
    In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant method harvesting hair follicles allows the grafts to be removed individually from the donor area of the scalp or body without leaving a linear scalp scar.
    FUE is considered as one of the most popular Hair Transplant methods help you to make a deliberate decision. If you are worried about baldness, you can consider a Hair Transplant from various types of Transplants. But many prefer FUE Hair Transplant as this type of transplant offers many benefits that will not find in other methods. Recovery time is very less and the procedure is painless because you are under local anaesthesia.
  • What Is the FUE Transplant Procedure?

    FUE Transplant Procedure done in 3 Sections

    • Preparing: Before going to start the Hair Removal procedure, it is necessary to take proper preparation of the donor area. After that, the hair should be cut off. In the case of women the hair is only in 1 strip to cover the area as much as possible with the existing hair.
    • Hair removal: Hair removal is done in laying position (in a massage bed) by giving local anaesthesia in the donor area. With the tiny FUE needles, the small hairs cut around a few millimetres deep and then extract with a tweezer. The extracted grafts are stored, sorted and counted in a special liquid.
    • Implantation: The implantation phase starts after cleaning and preparing the area to be implanted. In local anaesthesia, with special blades, with small incisions where the hair grafts are individually implanted. It is very important for the implanting professional to consider the direction and inclination of the hairs during implantation. That is how natural hair growth can be achieved.
  • Who is eligible for the FUE Hair Treatment?
    FUE Hair Transplantation is done on the hair in the back of the head. For all patients who have enough quantity and quality of hair in the donor area that is the back of the head, for them, this hair transplantation procedure is absolutely applicable
  • Is FUE Hair Transplantation procedure painful? Is it Safe?
    • Patients usually report that almost no pain occurs during or after the procedure as local anaesthesia is given at the beginning of the procedure, followed by periodic subcutaneous. In rare cases, patients may experience mild discomfort, itching and swelling after the procedure, which resolves within a few days. We provide patients with pain relief medications, which usually keep the pain under control after the procedure.
    • FUE Hair Transplant procedure is safe. Of course, some people can have an adverse reaction but, most patients who undergo this surgery don’t face any permanent problems.
    • FUE Hair Transplantation procedure is the only way to solve the balding problem as the procedure is performed through tiny incisions instead of a large opening by using special needles. So after surgery, recovery time is very less and no pain occurs and there will be no scars or cuts.
  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of FUE?

    Advantages of FUE:

    • No linear scar after the surgery
    • Recovery time is very fast
    • Minimal post-op pain or discomfort
    • Results in a more natural-looking and denser appearance.
    • Permanent solution for treating moderate to severe hair loss.
    • 98% of the transplanted grafts will grow as normal hair.
    • Harvesting of hair follicles allows the extraction of donor’s hair from permanent areas on the side and back of the scalp, as well as the chin or body if necessary.
    • Extract hair from a dense donor area on the scalp and redistribute this hair to baldness to minimize the baldness.

    Disadvantages of FUE:

    • A Limited number of grafts can be transplanted in a single day.
    • Operator dependent procedure requires superb hand/eye coordination
    • More expensive as the hair is harvested individually which makes it more delicate
    • A time-consuming process as a limited number of grafts can be obtained per session
    • People with a higher hair demand usually need more than one Hair Transplant session to achieve the coverage they desire
  • How many grafts will be needed?
    The number of grafts in an FUE procedure depends on the size of the area to be covered and the desired density according to the Patient requirements.
  • How long do FUE results last?
    The results of FUE transplant procedure will last a lifetime as long as the grafts are selected from the permanent zone. Hormonal changes should not affect the grafts. Some patients might see some thinning of their donor area as their age. In that case, transplanted hair could go through the same phenomenon.
  • Do FUE results look natural?
    When performed by an experienced and skilled Hair Restoration Physician, the final results should be so natural in appearance that others will not be able to tell that the hair was transplanted.