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DHT(Direct Hair Transplant)

Hair Transplant


Introduction to Direct Hair Transplant

The Direct Hair transplant is the most recent method for baldness. It gives you natural and healthy looking hair. This process doesn't involve the use of scalpels and the very best part of the technique isn't at all painful. After the completion of this process the new hair begins growing naturally throughout the life. The main objective of this process is to raise the growth of the hair follicles.

In the Direct Hair Transplant procedure, the hair follicles have been implanted one by one straight to the recipient area which has to be coated. We make certain you provide you 100% organic results with highest density. It's a minimally invasive procedure that's painless and its healing is very fast. It is possible to see the results within 2 months and full growth can be noticed in 8-9 months. The implanted hairs remain to grow throughout the life and they don't fall.

PRP Therapy is also given where the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma from the Individual's scalp takes place The method has been Producing high Levels of success

Immediate hair transplant technique is the very best hair technique because:

  • DHT therapy is most suitable for both female and male patients
  • The sufferers are able to return to their work after the session.
  • Facial and body hair may be employed to finish the process in the extreme and rare baldness instances if hair over the back of your scalp are not enough to pay the receiver location.
  • 100% results of hair transplant takes twelve months to reveal. The visible results may be seen in two months.
  • The slits from the receiver area are made first; DHT uses anexclusive implanter which helps to implant hair follicles at the premade recipient slits. The hair follicular units are eliminated with the support of especially designed disposable tool.

What is the Procedure for Direct Hair Transplant?

Extraction Phase: The hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area of the scalp.

Placement Phase: The hair follicles are implanted directly into the recipient area in a single one-step process. It ensures the right depth, direction and angle at precisely the same moment.

Comparison between Direct Hair Transplant and Normal FUE Method

Following are the reasons that show DHT is better than FUE:


  • What is DHT?
    Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) is an innovative new technique of hair transplantation, which is a refined version of FUE, where grafts are extracted from the Donor Area and simultaneously implanted in the recipient area. This leads to more graft survival and better patient satisfaction.
  • What is the Procedure for Direct Hair Transplant?
    Direct Hair Transplant is a modification of the FUE technique done in 2 Phases.
    • Extraction Phase: The hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area of the scalp.
    • Placement Phase: The hair follicles are implanted directly into the recipient area at the same time is a one-step process.
  • Advantages of Direct Hair Transplant
    • Reduced the time of grafts remaining outside of the body, so placement of the grafts are strong and healthy.
    • Reduced bleeding during the creation of the recipient area.
    • Short recovery time, so the patient can return back to his/her normal routine quicker.
    • The recipient area does not have to be shaved, as it is a more suitable procedure that enables this condition.
    • 100% natural results.
    • No stitches, No scarring occurs
    • Pain-free Hair Transplant
    • Maximum (more than 90%) survival rate of hair follicles.
    • Less donor hair requirement
  • The Best Candidate of Direct Hair Transplant
    DHT is ideal for those people having severe hair loss. Those who have experienced male pattern hair loss for 5 years are appropriate candidates for Direct Hair Transplantation. It can be an option for males who donít give positive reactions to medical hair loss treatments.
    • Patients in need of front line transplantation
    • Eye-brow transplantation
    • Beard and moustache transplantation
    • Patients who donít prefer shaving
    • Patients who want thicker and high-density hair in their balding area.
  • DHT or FUE which one is better?
    DHT has high success rates and natural results as compared to FUE. The survival rate of the follicles by DHT technique is also over 90%. Due to the above advantages, nowadays, more and more people prefer DHT over FUE and FUT.