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BHT (Body Hair Transplant)

Hair Transplant

BHT (Body Hair Transplant) in Bhubaneswar

Experts in Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant is performed by the different body sites like chest, underarms, beard,and other body sites. The best graft for Hair Transplantation is available on the scalp. If there is not enough donor hair on the scalp then one can go for the beard hair which is followed by chest.
Body Hair Transplantation is best when the baldness level is grade 6 or grade 7. If you want full coverage in one sitting or don't have hairs in their Donor area can also depend on Body Hair Transplant.
The procedure is perfect for those who don't have sufficient donor areas on their scalp. In the normal conditions, the donor area is taken from the back of your head but when they are insufficient, the hair can be taken from other parts of the body and hence the Body Hair Transplantation is used.

The advantages of Enhance Clinic's BHT are:

  • To enhance the possibility of hair transplant by giving many options of Donor area by utilizing different parts of the body.
  • Itrectifies the scars caused by the poor or failed hair transplant performed earlier.
  • It leaves almost a scarless Donor area.
  • You can use unwanted hair for hair transplantation.
  • Body part hair can also be used as a good Donor area for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation.

Enhance HairTech Clinics have been doing Hair Transplantation in tough areas like eyebrows, mustache, eyelashes. These are areas which are very difficult to operate and require great experience and knowledge along with special care.


  • What is BHT?
    In Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) hair is taken from other areas the body rather than the most common, back or sides of the head, and then planting those hairs to the balding area. The other donor areas include: beard, chest, shoulders, stomach, arms and legs from where hair follicles can be taken.
  • Is Body Hair Transplant successful?
    The success rate of hair transplants using body hair is less than those of the procedures that use donor areas from the scalp. The main cause for this is that body hair is not as restricted as the scalp hair.
  • Can leg hair be used for Hair Transplant?
    Yes, Leg hair can be used for Hair Transplantation but leg hair follicles can soften the appearance of the hairline in patients receiving hair transplants.
  • Is chest hair good for Hair Transplant?
    While we can use hair from beard, shoulders, chest, abdomen, torso, legs, arms, underarms, or pubic area for transplant. It has been found that the hair from the beard and chest is closest in comparison to scalp hair.
  • Can I use body hair for transplant?
    Body Hair Transplantation can be successfully used either alone or in combination with scalp hair in advanced grades of baldness, for improving the cosmetic appearance of hairlines and in scarring alopecia when there is a scarcity of donor scalp hair.
  • Who are the candidates for body hair transplant?

    The patients who are interested in getting treatment for their bald scalp with FUE technique but have insufficient hair in the donor area. They are the right candidates for Body Hair Transplant. There might be many reasons behind not having enough hair at the donor site. It can be due to:-

    - Excessive hair loss due to genetic reasons

    - It could be the result of previous hair transplants