Artificial Prosthetic

Artificial Prosthetics

It is recommended to those patients who are clinically unfit or who want instant solution. We do naturally looking Human Hair wig & SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation).

SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation)

SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) Treatment in Bhubaneswar

Maybe you haven't heard about "scalp micro-pigmentation' before.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an extremely intricate procedure, and because it is a form of tattooing, and you leave our clinic with guaranteed, permanent results.

Hair pigmentation / Trico pigmentation is a specially developed non-surgical treatment to create a higher optical density. With the help of special hair pigmentation pigments, we can give a virtual hairstyle to bald or balding men that look like a shaven down head. This effect is 100% natural looking and not recognizable as a hair simulation. Of course, the treatment must be carried out with the necessary training and experience.

  • It is advisable to patient with high grade of baldness but they dont want to do hair transplant.
  • Bald people who want a shaven look can go for SMP.
  • SMP creates a camouflaged effect on the scalp so your scalp looks as full hairs.
  • Patient with hair thinning problem can go for SMP treatment.
  • SMP helps to improve the density of your scalp by creating a camoflaged effect.

We also use special equipment and techniques. Every client is unique so as their needs. At Neocraft Skin & Hair, during each treatment, our pigment is tailored to your exact skin color and type. The treatment here is administered softly, in a gentle method, and results are unbelievably natural.

The quality of your treatment depends on two things:

  • Application of the perfect micro-needles, pigments, and machines.
  • Getting your treatment from our skilled and experienced specialists.

Our extremely passionate staff, with years of experience and high company-wide standards, gives us an advantage over many SMP providers. Because we were founded with a mission to be leaders in the Scalp Micro Pigmentation industry, all of our practitioners have a record of proven results. 

Hair Patch / Wig

Hair Patch / Wig in Bhubaneswar

We suggest hair patch to those who have undergone chemotherapy, patient with grade 7 plus baldness with compromised donor area where hair transplantation is not possible, Bald people who want immediate result to attain any functions, those not fit for medical treatment & extreme fear to medical treatment are ideal patient for hair patch.

But it depends upon the individual choice, either you can go for medical treatment or artificial camouflages.

Hair patch or wig is a fast and convenient non surgical treatment for baldness and hair loss. Neocraft Skin & Hair, provides customized hair patches which are specially created to fit the customer's head very naturally. Our hair patches are also of a very high quality and are made of human hair with special skin coloured mesh. All our hair patches or wigs are imported from the US. All types of hair patches are available according to the customer's choice.

The treatment is popularly known as artificial hair restoration. The treatment is specially designed for those who suffer from Alopecia Areata and provide them a complete solution by offering natural-looking hair restoration.

It is non-surgical treatment, where a patch of hair or wig extension is placed on the affected area with the help of cosmetic glue and clips which are extremely safe and non-allergic. It is an effective method of hair restoration and people often opt for this treatment because hair transplant is a surgical process and quite expensive.


Hair patch treatment is one of the most convenient hair restoration options for those with partial hair loss. One of the advantages of hair patch treatment is that it is a non-surgical process. It is a customized treatment where experts analyze the severity of hair loss and provide tailor-made treatments to them. We at Neocraft Skin & Hair also use wigs that give a natural look alongside recommending patients to take hair patch treatments. Once the treatment is done, you can easily wash, dry and even comb your hair. All age groups and genders can opt for this treatment to relive their life with confidence.


Since it is a non-surgical procedure, there are no particular side effects. Cosmetic glue and clips used in the treatment are extremely safe and do not lead to any allergies or infections.


The actual treatment takes about a few hours.

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