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7 Bad Habits you should avoid to prevent your Hair Loss

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7 Bad Habits you should avoid to prevent your Hair Loss


Hair Fall is a common Hair Problem seen in both Men and Women of all ages. This may be occur due to the improper care of hair or any health related issue. Most of people have certain bad habits that can harm to the scalp which may lead to Hair Damage. Say no to these below given bad habits and take proper care to avoid Thinning of Hair.

Causes of Hair Loss

  • Excessive use of Chemical-Based Hair Products: By using artificial Products, which contain chemical things will damage our Hair. So instead of using those products try to use natural home remedies on your Hair.
  • Tight Hair Styles & Over Styling: By doing various Hairstyles we get a new look but some of them damage our Hair. As in certain styles, we have to tie our Hair tightly or give heat to hair for hair drying, ironing, curling, etc. As heat isn't good for sensitive hair so it can damage your hair and later you have to go for Hair Loss Treatment. So don't go for a style that damages your Hair or proper growth or movement of Hair don't occur.
  • Physical Stress: By taking too much Stress in personal or professional life also causes Hair Fall. Also, you may suffer health problems in the future. So do Yoga or exercises every day to keep your mind calm and quiet.
  • Lack of Proper Nutrition: Proper amount of nutrition like Zinc, iron, and vitamins are essential for us for proper growth of the body and Hair. But many people don't take a healthy diet which results in Hair Fall and other Hair related issues.
  • Too much Sun Exposure: The UV rays produced by the sun are very harmful to our skin and hair. So, avoid sun exposure on your Hair by wearing a hat or cap when you come out in the sun.
  • Lack of Sleep: Lack of sleep leads to a no of health issues, which directly and indirectly affect Hair Loss and thinning of Hair. As it results in higher levels of stress which is the main cause of Hair Damage.
  • Drinking Alcohol & Smoking: Smoking and drinking alcohol is a habit that also damages your health. Drinking too much alcohol leads to damage to our liver, which affects Hair production and pigmentation. Smoking also can damage the DNA of the Hair follicles which results in improper growth of Hair. Excessive drinking of alcohol can be another reason for Hair Fall.

So, try to stay away from these above given bad habits if you really avoid Hair Fall Problem. Otherwise you have to search for Hair Transplant Centre in Bhubaneswar to do your Hair Transplant to get your look back.